- Auctions for Shelter Animals


What is PAWction?
We are an online auction marketplace created to help save the lives of shelter animals -- Where Buying and Selling Saves Lives! We offer a fun and rewarding way to help more animals in need without a monetary donation. You now have the ability of contributing to a great cause, while earning as well!

How Does It Work?
First begin by signing up for an account with our site. It's FREE to join! Once you've joined, you'll have access to submit auctions, view earnings, message buyers and more. The seller is responsible for the accuracy and content of the listing. Please be clear, thorough and concise in your item description and specify details you think may affect another's buying decision. Auctions run for a 30-day period unless a buyer chooses the Buy It Now option which will end the auction.

Is There A Fee?
It's absolutely FREE to create an account and list your item in our auction! When your item sells, our service fee is deducted from the total amount and donated to the participating charities.

What Can I Sell?
You can sell just about any item including professional services! Please make sure what you are wanting to sell fits within our terms.

How Much Do I Earn?
We understand there is a cost associated with items and services you may be offering and our marketplace was created with that in mind! You earn 40% from every item you sell.

When Do I Get Paid?
Payments are processed via paypal once per week for every item that has been confirmed and received by the buyer.

How Do I Delete My Auction?
Once you submit an auction, it will run for 30 days. To prevent fraudulent activity, you cannot delete your auction. Please be 100% certain you want to participate before joining and listing.

Who Pays For Shipping?
If shipping is required, the shipping and handling fee is to be included in the price of the item. When an item is too large to ship, specify within the listing description the general location and available for local pickup only. When an item sells, contact your buyer. After full payment is received, ship the item in a timely manner -- we recommend shipping within 4 business days to the buyer.